Refrigerating Coffee Beans - Coffee Fact
Should I refrigerate my coffee beans? This is a common question we receive almost daily from our customers. A recent study was conducted in hopes to find out if refrigerating your beans is actually beneficial. The conclusion of this study was that refrigerating beans did decrease mass loss in the beans. As roasted coffee is unstable, this does suggest keeping your beans cool in the fridge helps to stabilize the coffee. Due to beans becoming more brittle when cold, it is also suggested that the beans would be more prone to break more evenly when ground cold. Although from the study, they found that the temperature of the burrs grinding the coffee made far more of a difference.

One may also wonder "Can I freeze my beans?", and simply put, the answer is "no". The freezer can do more damage than good, and we will touch more on this topic at a later time on our blog.
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